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Transformation through Hoop Dance

Hula hoop instructor and performer based in Portland, OR; Kendall's services include hoop and yoga lessons, group workshops, uplifting event entertainment, and handcrafted hula hoops. Kendall has specialized offerings for all ages- adults, teens, and children. Her mission is to share hoop dance as a path to personal empowerment!
Her diverse skill set makes Kendall a great addition to your corporate event, conference,  retreat, festival, or childrens' party.

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"Kendall is an incredible performer that exudes passion in her craft. She is professional, kind-hearted, intelligent, positive, great energy and have wonderful vibes all around. Our community appreciates Kendall and how much she gives back."

-Neil Jefferson

"Kendall came and taught hooping to a group at our office, she was wonderful, super friendly, enthusiastic, and a good teacher. She brought stacks of hoops and had a bunch of people who claimed they had tried and just couldn't hoop or didn't have the right body for hooping, successfully hooped for the first time in their lives.

If you want to learn, Kendall can definitely help you! She also put on a couple mini performances for us, and she is a great performer too!"

-Nic Perry

"One of the premier hoop performers in Portland, definitely something to experience. She keeps it fresh and is always stunning in every way!"

-Chas Laramee

"Kendall is SO amazing and SO fun! She came into our office and taught us how to hoop. She's really patient and teaches in a way that is accessible to everyone, so we all felt like we accomplished something. A huge hit in our office with lots of laughs, I highly recommend participating in any of Kendall's classes!"

-Tammy Reynolds

"I have taken classes from Kendall and seen her perform. She is patient and careful when she teaches not to go to fast or slow with your learning curve. She pays attention to every participant and helps them along their path to become a more skilled hooper, or even "find your inner hoop goddess!" When she performs she kicks butt and shakes a leg! It's fantastic to see what she can do with 4 hoops, and she makes it look so easy! I would recommend learning a thing or two from her."

-Tim Burns

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